Project Consulting

BenchMark provides assistance and advice to companies, municipalities, central authorities and administrations, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties in the process of preparation and implementation of projects, funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds and other donor programs.

Identifying the opportunities for funding

BenchMark offers the clients professional consultations about the opportunities for application for appropriate existing and future procedures and measures, including:

  • Preparation and presentation of summarized information regarding specific programs/procedures: requirements for applicants, eligible activities, size of the grant and other specific conditions;
  • Recommendations for structuring of the project proposal.

Preparation of project proposals

The basic steps in preparation of project proposals include:

  • Defining goals, methodology for implementation of the project activities, sustainability;
  • Conducting a detailed Cost-Benefit Analysis of investment projects, including risk and sensitivity analysis;
  • Preparation of project proposals with all applicable and relevant documents, according to the requirements of the specific program/ procedure.

Project management

BenchMark provides project management and reporting, which includes:

  • Assistance in document preparation and contractor selection procedures under the Public Procurement Act and /or Decree № 160 from July 1, 2016 determining the rules for consideration and evaluation of bids and contracting procedure for selection with an open call by beneficiaries of grants from the European Structural and Investment Funds;
  • Assistance in execution of the activities through all stages of the project implementation;
  • Financial and technical reporting, including preparation of the required documentation to the funding institution, in respect of implementation of the project activities and results;
  • Providing opinions on a case study and/or a problem in the process of project implementation or reporting.

Strategic consulting

BenchMark provides consulting services in the process of formulating, development, implementation, monitoring and assessment of strategic plans, programs and other documents of national, regional and local level.

The specific activities to be carried out may include the following:

  • Conducting surveys and studies in a wide range interested parties;
  • Development of socio-economic analysis with specific territorial range;
  • Strategic planning, including definition of vision, objectives and priorities;
  • Development of a comprehensive strategic document with all required parts;
  • Conducting public hearings of the draft strategy document;
  • Development of feasible monitoring and control mechanisms for plan/program implementation;
  • Development of policies and procedures for the operation and conducting of training for their implementation;
  • Conducting ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluation of plans, programs and strategies for development of national, regional and local institutions.