Corporate Consulting

BenchMark provides wide range of legal and financial consulting services for private companies. Based on specific business models and databases, the performed financial analysis sufficiently accurate determines the sustainability of the investment project or the enterprise activities.

Investment projects and business plans

For the successful implementation of any investment, the preparation of economically reasonable and purposeful investment project is required. The offered services include:

  • Preparation of investment projects
  • Intermediation in providing credit funding
  • Intermediation in providing joint venture funding
  • Business plans are detailed and objective program that is essential to the management of the enterprise upon expansion of its activities. The role of BenchMark consists in the following:

  • Development of business plan
  • Budget planning
  • Consultation regarding the effective implementation of the plan
  • Preparation of a model for monitoring the implementation of the business plan


The valuation of an enterprise or its separate assets is conducted by licensed investment consultant and/or appraisers, whose work includes:

  • Visit of the enterprise or the premises where the asset is located
  • Collecting and analyzing the relevant information and data
  • Development of a report for assessing the asset/enterprise
  • Preparation of the necessary supporting documents
  • BenchMark experts have deep knowledge of Bulgarian industry and have consulted many companies

Corporate restructuring

BenchMark performs legal and economic analysis of the sustainability of an enterprise and offers restructuring program, in cases when a certain company decides to reconstruct its assets and/or its activity in order to improve liquidity, reduce the need for working capital and etc. Based on the performed analysis the team proposes the overall framework and proceeds execution after approval. In some cases the client can determine the required perimeters (e.g. price, period of performance) and to delegate Benchmark powers to act within the framework of the requirements. The exact approach is determined depending on the specific project and the clients’ investment objectives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The successful deals by mergers and acquisitions are the result of well-structured strategies; that is why BenchMark works for its clients by offering professional financial and legal consulting, and at a later stage we implement the approved program. The company’s team has significant experience in the realization of mergers and acquisitions. The services cover all stages from preparation of corporate strategy of merging or acquisition to concluding the deal.

Intermediation and Representation

This service is available to all customers along with the preparation of an investment project, sale of assets or businesses, before banks in the process of applying for credit financing. The work of BenchMark involves:

  • Preparing presentation material for the project/enterprise
  • Representation of the client before different authorities and institutions with whom he contacted in the realization of a project.

In case of funding of and investment project, the team’s work involves:

  • Structuring an optimal financing plan – bank or share financing on the part of specialized funds, other private financing
  • Presentation of the investment project to potential financing institutions and individuals