Cookies Policy

We use “cookies“ (also known as “hooks“). They are small text files that we may place in order to improve the quality of the services offered and to make the website and trading platforms as easy to use as possible.

By using the website and services, offered by us, you accept this Policy for the use of “cookies“ and you consent to us or our partners placing “cookies” on your computer or mobile device.

„The Cookies” improve the website and trading platform. They do not give access to the computer of the site user, but contain information about his IP address, through which the site user can be identified.

We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website, with Google Analytics generating statistical and other information about the website using “cookies“ on users’ computers. “The Cookies” may be placed on your computer by our site or its partner Google Inc. By using our website, you give your consent to the processing of the data collected by Google Analytics, as well as to the methods of their processing for the purposes indicated above. Information collected in connection with our website is used to create reports on its use. This information is stored by Google. “Google Privacy Policy“ is available at: [ ].

The “Cookies“ we use are of several main types:

  • Short-term (session) “cookies“: They are stored in the temporary memory of your computer and exist only while you visit the website. They delete themselves when you leave the website and close the browser. They enable the efficient use of the website by tracking the display of its constituent pages without requiring the input of information already received and/or transmitted by the user’s browser within the same session. The technical or session cookies used by allow us to avoid the repeated entry of the same information during the visit, such as username and password, to analyze the use of the services and content provided in order to optimize the browsing experience and the services offered.
  • Persistent (permanent) “cookies“: They are saved on the computer’s hard drive and are available when the browser or computer is restarted, usually storing and re-entering access information (login information ) so that the user does not have to remember his access data. These “cookies“ remain on the user’s computer until they expire or are deleted. Many of them have an automatic deletion date, in most cases it is 24 months from the day of their creation.
  • „Cookies“ to third parties for marketing/remarketing: “Cookies“ of third parties are used by our partner companies and allow the user to see, for example, advertising banners related to the pages viewed from our site or other information for the purpose of analytically collecting data about the use of the site.

We use “cookies“ for the following:

  • collection of information about the movement of users and customers on the website;
  • guaranteeing the security of website users and customers;
  • storage of website access information;
  • storing information about the marketing and product preferences of users, which allows to improve the marketing strategy;
  • storage of information about the stay of users on the website;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the website as a channel for advertising and promotions (collected data is anonymous and not shared with third parties).

We do not use “cookies” to track how users and customers use the Internet after they leave the website and we do not store information that can be read or detected by third parties. We do not exchange, sell or rent information about “cookies” without the express consent of the users.

Used “cookies“:


Name Feature More information





These cookies are used to collect information about how users use the website – which helps us improve it. Cookies collect information in anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the website, where they came to the website and which pages they visited
_ga A cookie that is initialized by the Google Analytics system
_fbp A cookie that is initialized by the Facebook system
lz_userid This hook is used to initialize a chat session ie. when the user uses the “Online Chat”
PHPSESSID Technical (session) hooks, created automatically when a page is opened. It ensures that website content is personalized and allows our web servers to respond to website user or client actions

Change settings for receiving “cookies“

If you want to enable or disable “cookies”, you need to follow the instructions of your Internet browser, which are usually found in the “Help”, “Tools” menus. or “Edit”.

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) are configured to accept “cookies”. The “cookies“ stored on the hard drive can be deleted, and can also be banned entirely. Instructions for the major browsers are provided at the following addresses:

Alternatively, an external resource located at can be used /manage-cookies, which can provide specific information about “cookies”, as well as how to manage them according to the user’s preferences. You should be aware that if you block or disable the receipt of “cookies”, or delete “cookies“ already on your computer, you will not be able to use all functionalities of the Website and Trading Platforms, and it is possible that you cannot access secure parts of the website, such as online accounts.